- Sketch Book 01 - 29 March 2006

After few weeks of test, I'm now ready for my very first post!!! :D

I still have to change few little things like this awfuuuulllll font, but not only that... I know!! You can leave your comments, they are more than welcome!!

My Daily Sketch Book is a blog about sketches I did over the past 5 years.

You'll see the evolution of my drawings during that time!! And for some of them, a step by step work in progress... But you'll have to wait for that, at least for the moment!!! Hope you'll enjoy...

Sketch Book 01
will be my first post. I hardly found 12 drawings
I could share with you... Quite old stuff that I did between 2000 and 2001 when I first start... SOoo please be cool with these... Let's just say that I was in training mode at that time!! :P

Few Examples...

Don't forget to leave a comment!!! ;)


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